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The Corn Dinner | Colombia & El Salvador




With Carlos Alvarado as a special guest and the 8-course Corn Dinner (La Cena del Maíz) at the Ringlete Restaurant 🇨🇴 the “Intercambios” [Culinary exchange] event concluded from August 16 to 19, 2023. 🍽️🗓️
A night of celebration, exchanges of culturas (cultures), saberes (knowledge), sabores (flavors) and many emotions 🌽✨
In this event we remember and honor the legacy received from our ancestors and the cultures of Africa and Spain 😊

🎵Music: Instrumental song “Ringlete” composed by Andrés Felipe Cobo; copyright ©️2023
📍Ringlete Restaurant.
✍🏽Drawing by @tomasjs_831

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